Monday, September 28, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 223

Another week, living the dream! I like that saying because after one says it, one has to wonder, 'am I living the dream? Because I just said I was, and while my life is not perfect, it could be worse.'

Work was good. Oh being a drivetrain engineer is so different than being a structures engineer! In the world of axles and transmissions change happens slowly with much testing, where as a structural change can be implemented in days with maybe a little FEA or a hand calculation. My particular job is a little slow right now. We are just starting the next project, while solving continuing problems on the last project, but not fully into the next project... So it's a little light right now. Time to make sure I do the details and learn about the decisions made to get us to where we are so that I can ask the hard questions on the next project.

I ran 73 miles... what?! I haven't ran that many miles in a training week since last October, 11 months! Perhaps having a coach has helped, and perhaps I am over this bout of injuries. A 20 mile run on Sunday at 6:48 pace and then an 18 mile run on Saturday at 6:36 pace make for two long runs, and then one little fartlek during the week. No wonder I am tired.

My sister came to town Friday afternoon and was here for the weekend. It was good, we did a small amount of touring, a winery, tried to see eagles, went out to eat with some friends of mine, and the big event, we went to the movie Everest. Wow, I will publish my review of Everest Tuesday, it was good!

Well, short update this week. I hope you have a good week this week!

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