Monday, September 14, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 221

What a week! It had highs and lows, and you know what? I like the drama of suffering and elation. How wonderful the wide range of feelings we have!

Work was short, I only worked two days, and they were short days too. However I did get some things promoted in the design world so it was a good thing to be in the office. 

Sunday I was home visiting my parents in Wisconsin including going to church with them. I needed advice, so I went home to find it, and they didn't offer much help. I'm kind of kidding, but at the same time we can't live others' lives so there is only so much advice we can glean from others. 

Monday I ran the Dubuque benefit classic half marathon and had my worst finish in five years and my slowest half marathon since 2004. Frankly, it takes time to get in shape and I've had so many setbacks this year, I'm thrilled to finish a race healthy! I was pretty sore after the race because my mileage has been low so I am not recovering as fast as I might otherwise. 

Wednesday night I flew out to Portland to climb Mt. Rainier. And we did climb Mt. Rainier! It was almost easy. Obviously I will write a trip report about it. Sunset from Camp Muir Thursday:
Sunset from Camp Muir Thursday
Saturday we felt good enough to attempt Mt. Hood, and hike 5,000 feet up and down... Oh I am tired! Not to mention today was the first time in five days I've slept in past 5 AM or had more than six hours of sleep. Sunrise Friday:
Sunrise Friday

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