Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travel: The Exciting and The Hassle

Travel is both an exciting experience, and one that is a hassle. I think the actual ground travel seems to be in general more exciting, well, helicopter rides are exciting too. You know, as I start to write this, the things that are a hassle really boil down to a few small things, going through airport security and customs, not knowing directions, although GPS has largely solve that issue, and the uncomfortableness of a strange new bed. Actually once you get those out of the way, travel is downright pleasant. When I think of road trips and mountain expeditions they really do feel more exciting to me than any particular aspect that is a hassle. Although, I'm still not a fan of goat meat.

Right now I am way up north in Ontario, the farthest north I have ever been actually. It seems to be small rolling hills, swamps, and lakes up here. Not too much unlike northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. It's nice to be here, but it seriously took all day yesterday to get here.

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