Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We're Landing on a Comet!!

On a technicality, the European Space Agency did a really nice job with their entire website, especially the Rosetta portion and the Rosetta blog. Check out the ESA's Rosetta Blog awesome website.

This is like the Olympics plus the Superbowl Plus the Kentucky Derby Plus Wimbledon of astrodynamics, or planetary mechanics. To actually land on something with an escape velocity of 1 meter/second, is like trying to find a nail in your back yard with an ordinary compass. I reguarly run 4 m/s, so for me to run or jump off of the comet would be easy.

Anyway, check it out, hopefully by this afternoon we will touch down and by tomorrow we might have a couple pictures from the surface of a comet. Then, as the comet nears the sun I'm expecting quite a show!

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