Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Truth about Expeditions

I read a little article yesterday and at the bottom he addressed some issues of not telling the whole truth about an expedition. I've seen or heard of them all happening.

In many ways it degrades the experience. In other words, I wish that Mt. Everest was a big version of Longs Peak. An interesing objective, with lots of epic potential, but also something accessible that doesn't capture a huge media circus for people who are guided up the normal route. People have died on the Keyhole route of Longs Peak just like the South Col of Everest. In other words, soloing the Diamond on Longs Peak in the winter is a tremendous accomplishment, and not nearly the same as hiking the Keyhole on a nice August day with a guide.

This relates to my views on innovation, I feel there is very little real innovation. Most of the time innovation is the remix of other existing ideas. Is it innovative for this year's model of car to get 40 mpg when last year's had 39 mpg and the only difference is reducing the coefficient of drag by .01?

The point is: "...the truth will set you free." John 8:32

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