Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Injured, Again.

I always do this to myself, get a little excited, push it, push it a little too far. It is exciting that I recognize a problem so quick, but sad that yet again I have another setback. 

This time it's my lower left leg, outside just above the ankle, I'm thinking a calf and shin issue. Likely cause is running nearly 16 miles the same direction at the Petit Saturday then two 12 miles runs on snow Sunday and Monday. Then when it didn't feel good for the first time yesterday, I did 9 miles on snowy trails. Now it hurts and I only did two miles tonight. 

This too shall quickly pass. It's just frustrating, I just want one perfect build up to a marathon. Okay, don't laugh too hard, I always have good build ups. I was thinking last night, in my three previous serious marathons I always set a PR or two at a shorter distance in the build up, this time it's only 50 mile and longer PRs.  So I have still set several personal records in the months leading to Cal International, but only at longer distances. 

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