Monday, November 17, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 178

It was a busy work week. A couple long days with me spending time traveling. The good news is, concrete errors are being found, which is the whole point of 90% of what I am doing now. We manage to find several every day we check, which is really rewarding, because if we were not finding anything than there would be the concern are we looking close enough. Lesson learned this week at work? Well, we do things in batches, and as the project goes on and we get to the last batch, making sure that all the parts are there and ready to go is difficult to say the least, because things are still changing. Personally, I feel that doing one extra batch, or in general doing more smaller batches would have been preferable to doing fewer larger batches. That's just my opinion, not sure it would work.

Running was not a great week overall, but it had a happy ending. I ran two workouts, the first was a bomb, I wanted to do a 14-15 mile tempo at marathon pace after taking a day off and ended up doing 4 x mile at marathon pace with a mile rest. I was tired and not feeling it. Then I took a few days easy, like a 5 mile day and 3 mile day, before doing a workout Saturday. I drove all the way to Milwaukee to run at the Petit ice center and run on the large 445.2 meter track.I had a great workout! in total 18.7 km at an average pace of 5:43, alternating 3% faster and 3% slower than marathon pace, which is perfect, and made me tired again. Plus, I then went out to lunch with my sister. It's always a motivation to go to the Petit because my sister lives in Milwaukee.

Honestly, I didn't really do much else this week. I rented the Edge of Tomorrow movie with Tom Cruise, which I enjoyed. Also, my most recent book to work on is One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. It's really interesting and a much better read than many investment books. Interestingly he says if you only make money on six of ten investments, you will do well, and if you find even a couple stocks that increase in price ten times while you own them you will do exceedingly well. Think of it like this, you are at bat in a baseball game and if you can just get on base six times for every four times you get out before getting to first, you will do well, and if you hit a home run every decade, you will do really really well. Plus, here is the thing about investing, there is no ball or strike limit, every company, and every quarter is like a new pitch, and you can just stand there not swinging as long as you like.

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