Monday, November 10, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 177

Another week, living the dream. I certainly won't say my life is perfect, but I am so blessed to have so much in terms of opportunity, safety, security, food, water, and no exposure to Ebola patients. I am healthy.

Work involved a lot of driving, and it will continue to involve a lot of driving over the next few months. It's strange I spend a lot of time driving around to solve problems and sometimes I wonder if I really need to be the one doing this. Maybe people think I know more than I actually do, and that I can solve more problems or something. I can see how engineers get the reputation for "knowing everything" in an arrogant manner. In many respects at work we are expected to know everything in a confident manner, and do that often enough and it comes off as arrogant.

Running went well, not as well as I was hoping, but good overall. I ran a little over 120 miles and did 2.5 workouts. Sunday I started the week off with a marathon of 20 miles in a leisurly 2:18 and then 10k supposed to be at marathon pace, but I just could not turn my legs over at that point and averaged like 6:03 for the final 10k. I ran a marathon in 2:55 high, and wasn't even very tired. A good sign, I just didn't have the speed. Wednesday I ran a four mile tempo and the goal was 15s/mile faster than marathon pace and again I was a few seconds per mile slow, but overall I ran 21:51 for four miles which is really good especially considering it is on a hard dirt trail instead of a road or a track. That's probably the best halfmarathon pace tempo I've run in all of 2014. Then Saturday the workout was 10 miles at 90% of marathon pace and then five sets of 100% marathon pace for one mile and 90% pace for the next mile. Well, I hit like 86-87% pace on the way out and my first hard mile was a dissapointing 95% of marathon pace, and it was downhill. So I pulled the plug and jogged it in nine miles. I need a little rest, or more rest than I have had the last week or two.

The weather is about to turn. Maybe one more day of shorts weather then it looks like gloves and hats for the rest of the season. 27 days from today until my marathon. I went to see Interstellar on Saturday. I liked the movie, it's pretty unusual, and I doubt some of the "equivalent times" they stated, but overall it was nice, and an interesting concept.

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