Monday, October 20, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 174

My life is awesome! I hope yours is too! I have struggled. For so long I put so much energy into Everest, and when it didn't go as planned, well, I came back and my plan was just to run as much as I could and go back to work. I knew that therapy like that would help. Of course, there was a lot of talking with friends, not even about Everest, or running, or work, and those conversations certainly helped too. Somehow or other, I ended up where I am. I just had supper with my parents who drove their new Prius C down to look at the leaves, and drop off the last of the garden food. As we were talking, and I mentioned an upcoming blog article, I couldn't help but convey how happy I am.

Work is going quite well. Oh, there are issues, but working through them has been, fun, really. It's funny, updating blue prints, also known as drawings, is generally considered tedious work that is often sent to lower paid employees. Well, I've been doing a fair amount of it lately, and I like it. It makes me more familiar with the part or assembly. I get to make decisions about tolerances and such that could have an impact on parts always fitting together or being acceptable for a decade or two to come.

Running is going well, 65 miles for the week with a day off and only one double. Only one night sweat, but that's because of running a hilly 7 minute pace 12 miler in 58F rain two days after a decently hard 20 miler. So, I'll take that to mean I'm better. I think my hormones and micronutrients were messed up after the 24 hour race. I'll blog about that shortly. Wednesday I did a little fartlek with one minute hard and one minute easy, and for the 10 minutes of hard running I averaged 4:54 pace! Friday I ran a cross country college race and ran a very nice 28:08 8k on a course with 350 feet of up and down over nine hills. I came in 27th out of 81. I like racing with the college kids, because I may be the 2014 24 hour USATF national champion, but I was solidly beat by a third of the 18-22 year olds in a corner of Iowa at a small cross country meet. It keeps me honest. My goal for the race was only sub 28:30, so to come in that much faster, was very satisfying.

I went out Friday and Saturday nights to socialize. At least going out in my mind means one glass of wine Friday, and left by 9:15 PM, and going out Saturday meant board games at a friends' house and left by 9:30 PM. A little socializing is a good thing. Plus, getting in bed before 10 PM both nights, having one glass of wine, that's my kind of socializing.

Life is good.

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