Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Because I Have So Much Opportunity...

Because I have so much opportunity I need to do the best I can, otherwise I am wasting the resources presented to me. I was reflecting on my experience in Rwanda last night, and it almost brought me to tears again. There is more economic opportunity within 100 miles of me in Dubuque, Iowa, than the whole of Rwanda. That might be a lie, but considering Madison, the quad cities, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids areas, it may very well be true. 

It's not just economic opportunity, I can run, I can travel, I can climb, I can cook, I can do so many things. I feel the responsibility that because of these gifts and talents I have, I must use them as best I can. Opportunity, which is a form of authority, is a responsibility, not to be neglected or taken for granted. 

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