Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Curiosity of My Body

What is possible? Isn't that a great question? At dinner Monday night after a 12 mile run with a group of people that are all faster than me (at least at 10k and shorter) we discussed the recent marathon world record, the three minute downhill mile, and then the theoretical limit to marathon performance, about 78 minutes. I mean, if people, a fair number of people can run a 45 second or faster 400, well, that's a three minute mile, or a 78-79 minute marathon. Runner's World has a nice new website about the two hour marathon.

That's ridiculous of course, no one is going to go out and run a 1:18 marathon in the next 100 years. Yet a two hour marathon? The five of us sat around the table discussing how it could get done, in the next few years. For starters 10 pacers, to block the wind all the way to 20 or even 23 miles. Then you need three guys, more or less could work, with 58 and 59 minute half marathon PRs to grind out the last 5k or 10k against each other. You need 400 meter splits, so that there aren't any too quick miles. You need perfect weather 38-45 degrees Fahrenheit, and no wind.

The point being, our bodies are amazing! While I will not be running any sub 2 hour marathon, ever, why can't I set a world record in a running event? We flip the switches on our body to train this way, eat this way, rest this way, and what is the result? I don't know! Isn't it interesting? These night sweats I've been having the last three weeks off and on, probably because of hormone changes due to a raised metabolism post 24 hour run. I would not say it's a problem, as thyroid issues can be problems for people, because I'm having some great workouts. In short, I'm certainly not in a great place, I would prefer to be more recovered, endocrine system wise, than I am. Fortunately, this issue is minor, still it is a curiosity.

The point being, our bodies are capable of far more than we typically, if ever, allow.

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