Thursday, October 30, 2014

Don't bug me.

I have a dream, that one day people will fix the problems they find instead of leaving them up to others. I have learned that people will take as much from you as you let them take, and then ask for a little more. It is the conundrum of productivity growth, how to get more done per person hour, to infinitity. Productivity growth in the US is not what it has been in the past. Although compared to wages, it's still pretty good.

Something that frustrates me is the volume of talking for the dearth of doing. Here is yet another example of a group, part of the running community, degrading and harrassing a member for being herself. I read a different article a few days ago about a young female 2:28 marathoner that was getting blasted on, which is ridiculous because a 2:28 is not easy.

I can't solve your problem. Okay, maybe I can, I can solve a lot of problems. Although, you can probably solve your problem better than I can and the reason is you know exactly what you want and even if you communicate it really well, I will probably use my imagination to make it different than you envisoned. What does this have to do with "don't bug me"? It's a plea for you to solve the problems you are good at.

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