Monday, September 29, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 171

Rock Climbing (Probably a 5.10) at Devils Lake, Wisconsin Saturday
Honestly, aside from the race Sunday which I blogged about yesterday, it was an uneventful week. I called in sick on Monday, the first time I have ever done that. Definitely not something I wanted to do, or enjoyed, but there was no safe way I was driving home Sunday afternoon. I should have had someone video tape me walking around on Monday. I seriously looked like a 95 year old person. My grandparents in their 80s move much better than I was for a day. Fortunately I have been recovering super quick.

Work was work. We are nearing the point in the project where any small, minor change has a lot of bureaucracy, or paper work, to go through before it happens. I find it very interesting. A year ago I could go and willy nilly change things. Now, any change requires more people's approval than launching a nuclear missile. To be honest, it's not even frustrating really, it's more interesting. I mean the product is good, we're just trying to work out the bugs and raise the quality to a level that makes us feel comfortable. It's an educational experience for sure.

I went for an hour bicycle ride, a mere 13 miles, a three mile run, and then some rock climbing. It sounds interesting and active to be sure, but that's about three hours total exercise in a week, I usually get 10 or more.
Belaying on Turks Head Ridge (next pitch a 5.2) at Devils Lake, Wisconsin
Recovery continues to go well. I have been sleeping 9+ hours a night. I have a few sore spots, but no injuries. I hope you had a good week too!

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