Monday, September 15, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 169

Another good, and fairly average, week. It's funny, so we have processes at work, and when you get each little project to a certain stage it is usually a celebration. Well this past week I managed to get a lot of projects to that stage, but it became less of a celebration and more of a simple relief. I didn't even send out a celebratory email on Friday for any of the things I passed onto the next stage of development.

The insight from that is as it often happens, we, or at least I, build up what "must" be done and work at it and struggle on it and wrestle with it, until finally, it's done. It's like a company going public and having an IPO. Many of the original people that started and built the company into what it was leave because in many respects, they did it, they built the product they set out to build. A coworker made the joke as I walked out Friday, "take the next month off." So I responded with, "I'll see you in October." We both had a little laugh about that. Yet the way things work, I am actually looking at doing some "odd" jobs at work over the next two months because I will not have the normal volume of my normal responsibilities. Oh don't worry, you'll hear about it.

Running went great! I ran 83 miles, taking Monday fully off, and not doubling once. Pretty surprising to myself, 83 miles in singles, in six days, without any trouble. That's a good sign. Training is going well. Tuesday I even ran a 12 mile tempo at 6:05 pace, and added a little over a mile on to get a half marathon in 1:20:57. When I put down tempos like that, and then recover so well, I feel so blessed. I just ran faster than 97% of half marathoners, in a workout, on a Tuesday, after a full day of work. I don't take that for granted, because I know that it will probably not always be that way for me.

On the social side I went to dinner Thursday night with two of my Indian coworkers and Saturday went to a pork roast down in LeClaire, Iowa at another coworker's house. I won't say that I was particularly social in either case, but I had a few good conversations, it was well worth it for me to get out of my apartment a little and talk to people.

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