Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Long Term Development

Good things take time. So it is the same with just about anything worth waiting for. I feel, we as Americans, and increasingly the entire world, are quickly concerned with the worries of this hour, with the pressures of the the day. We forget, or neglect, to put the time, even just a little time into the long term big picture activities. That being said, shoutout to poverty, it really makes you think different. (Scroll down to the block titled "Worsened Mental Health".) However, for the vast majority of people able to read this blog, with Internet access and a device with an expensive screen, we have what it takes to increase our long term development.

The GM ignition switch events have been a great lesson for me. You see, I routinely pull new part numbers for similar looking parts, or create a new revision of a part, and keep the number the same. Pulling a new part number sets off a chain of supply activities, because the possibility exists that part will be a service part for decades to come. Similarly, a part I create may be made by several different suppliers over the decades, having acurate GD&T, so that the part always works is key.

Similarly, response to my first ultramarathon has been incredible. I had 70 likes on the Facebook post, 700 views on my blog article, a slew of comments and new friend requests. I think people perceive me as coming out of nowhere, but I've known for half a decade I would enjoy ultras once I got there. I'm only 28. I like to think of myself an Seth Godin says, the overnight success that took a decade.

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