Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jesus Loves Me: Part 1

I told this to numerous people before I left for Everest, but I didn’t share it with everyone. In light of recent events in my life, I feel the need to share it. In the event that I die over here there is one thing worth remembering about me: Jesus love me. Everything else is insignificant in comparison. 

Sure, I like to imagine that all that other stuff I have done has made a positive dent in the world, but ultimately, it’s not about me and all that I have learned and all that I have done. That’s it. If you want more information, and you managed to find my blog I’m sure you can find other references.

Part 2 is with my family, to be published if I die, or maybe I will publish it if I summit. It’s not the most kind article. (Sometimes you just need to write that angry email, and then delete it without sending it.)


  1. Christ is risen, Isaiah! And I know He loves you and reigns in your heart. Indeed, I always know and remember that of you. You continue to be an encouragement in my walk with Christ. Thinking and praying for your time on Everest. Happy Resurrection Day, Isaiah!

  2. You proclaim to be a "Christian", I will not judge you, but the Christians I know and have known, spend their money and time furthering Christ's "mission, not so much spending tens of thousands of dollars on personal self-aggrandizement, or if they do, generally with a bit less hubris than seen here. Climbing Mount Everest in 2014 brings these thoughts to mind: the environmental impact of 400-500 people living at 18,000 feet, eating, peeing and crapping; that in real world terms, i.e, comparable to you and your salary, that sherpas are presently being paid slave wages to create a path across the avalanche area so 200+ people can claim to have "conquered" Everest in 2014; what will it feel like to walk the avalanche area knowing there will be recently killed humans beneath one's feet whose lives were sacrificed for your paid chance/opportunity to conquer Everest; and the fact that modern commercialism has made the lines of people "climbing", (a word/term I suggest that has lost its meaning), look like a line at Disney World. With all due respect, those who in 2014 pay large sums of money to be carried, guided, assisted, the top are deceiving themselves, thinking it is all about them and what they did. I did not know Sir Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay, but I believe I'm safe in stating there have been no Edmund Hillarys and Tenzing Norgays on Mount Everest for a number of decades. As an analogy, I would say conquering Mount Everest in 2014 is akin to running a four minute mile in 2014, i.e., an achievement yes, but barely noteworthy.

    1. While I respect your right to your opinion, you are completely wrong about Isaiah. He is a great person and a great friend! He is doing something that few of us even dream of, and he's doing it with his athletic ability. Yes, he has the help of Sherpas, but that is the system that exists. I have no doubt that this amazing athlete/engineer would have no trouble devising a means of achieving his goal should the aided climbing system not exist. If you don't like Isaiah's blog or message, you don't have to read it. Please kindly refrain from negative comments sent from behind the anonymous veil of the internet. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


    2. MNlawyer, you sir are a prize duffus, but that's not my opinion as 'I will not judge you'. Unbelievable.

    3. Even though I dont know them, im inclined to agree with Rex and Russ.

      MNLawyer, I dont know you either but I respect your opinion. I dont know that anyone could meet the standard you set. I guess that Isaiah should abandon all of his goals, dreams etc? For the time that I have known him, he has been a humble and generous person. He gives and helps others with what I would consider to be a Christian spirit. Now, I dont believe you nor anyone else can question his standing with Christ. Further, I'd suggest that the matter of "truth" "ethics" and things which are "morally deplorable" may be better served elsewhere or in another format. I could be mistaken but in my catching up on Isaiahs blogs I havent seen your commentary previously. As his trip has been planned for some time and I know it has been a goal of his for about a decade, it would seem you would have addressed this matter with him personally before rather than now while he is on the mountain.

      For my part, and I will wholly admit that I do not maintain the level of relationship with Isaiah that many do. Im not family or even close friend in proximity. Nonetheless, Isaiah is my friend. He is a good friend and I will not sit idly by while someone takes cheap shots at him while he pursues his goals. He saved, made sacrifices, and still managed to help others along the way. If anyone I know should have the opportunity to see their goals, to climb Everest, it is Isaiah. Is he perfect, no. Neither are you.

      I believe in standing up for my friends especially when they are unable to fully stand up for themselves. At this time, his resources are limited (technology wise) and he likely cannot engage in a full conversation with you MNLawyer. You are aware of this yet you have chosen to take shot at him.

      So...respectfully.... step off.

  3. To: "Please kindly refrain from negative comments sent from behind the anonymous veil of the internet".

    Please ask Isaiah who I am, he knows. As for negative comments, please feel free to interrupt me if I said anything that was untrue, a lie, or gross misrepresentation. I suggest that achieving "personal goals" at the expense of the environment and/or others is, if not at a minimum, unethical, is at its worst, morally deplorable. Failure to tell and/or acknowledge the truth is often, if not always, the first step toward to ultimate failure, tragedy, or untoward consequences. Just as we've seen the re-examination of the ethics/morality of African safari big game hunting expeditions, so are/will we see the re-examination of these commercialized Disney World like adventures/trips that fail/refuse to fully and completely take ALL THINGS into consideration before either embarking on ourselves, or allowing society's exploitation of others and/or the environment. To see Mount Everest ala Disney World, click or copy this link:

  4. Yet more evidence that Disney has a ride in Nepal:

    Copy these Links for sights you will not believe:
    (My personal favorite)


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