Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hiking the Tourist Route

For the record, I'm spending close to an hour writing and uploading each of these blog posts. It's not an issue, because I have close to four hours between now and when we eat supper, but it does take time and there are no guarantees that as I get up the valley I will have the time, energy, cell or wireless service, or power to run my laptop for an hour.

We hiked up from Namche to the Hotel Everest View, which is where the rich people fly into to get a view of Mt. Everest. The picture below is from the parking lot in front of the hotel.
Parking Lot in Front of Hotel Everest View
If you go directly above the red and yellow helicopter the relatively shallow mountain with a lot of spindrift to the right of it is Everest. Unfortunately, this might be about as good of a view from far away as I ever get.
Patio of the Hotel Everest View
This view is from the back of the hotel off the patio. Our Sherpas are in the foreground and the members of our team are near the edge of the patio. My iPhone died soon after, and most other pictures will take even more effort to upload, so that's all you get in pictures for today.

We walked down to a local village, who's name escapes me. There we looked at one of the first Hillary schools, then we went to the local hospital, also started by Edmund Hillary, and finally the monastery that has the yeti scalp. All things I have heard of just a 15 minute walk from each other. I would write more and go into more detail, but my Garmin is giving me trouble. (Dear Garmin, my Fenix has a Garmin and Garmin Fenix folder, and won't save activities, this is a problem.) Plus, I'm getting bugged to play cards. So I'm off for the day.

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