Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Everest, Leg 1

First, a Drive to My Parents
Step number one in this 16,000 mile journey was getting to my parents house, after a day of work, with a stop at REI to pick up another XXXL duffle bag because my XXL wasn't big enough. 

Note to my sister, ask Delorme if they can update the maps other people see from my Inreach to the same as I can see. I think when people track me they only see the last point of location. I feel the trail is far more interesting. Mention I'm climbing Mt. Everest. That seems to have pull sometimes. 

Otherwise, I packed and repacked again last night and this morning. Now I have two 49 pound bags and something like a 27 pound carry on, plus my laptop in a hard case, and I'm going to wear my low mountain boots on the airline flights. 

I'm ready to finally get going! After the planning and all the last minute stops, I'm hours away from take off. My parents are driving me to Chicago O'Hare right now. If there are things I have forgotten, too bad, I will have to buy them along the way. I've brought plenty of backups for everything from tights to boots to headlamps. Here we go!

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