Friday, April 18, 2014

A Bad Day in the Ice Fall

Well, I might as well cover this because everyone else will be. There was an avalanche in the Kumbu ice fall around 5 AM (maybe a little before) this morning, and a number of people were caught in it and died. No one from Asian Trekking, Sherpa or client, was injured, although we did have Sherpas in camp 2 who are assisting with the rescue and recovery effort.

I believe that it was Sherpas that were caught in the avalanche, and the number of missing is in the mid to high single digits. I will delay publishing this article for several hours so that there is time to contact the loved ones. I realize that the amount of detail I have given is scant, and may likely worry others more, but the key take away for my loved ones at the moment is that everyone from my expedition is safe.

We all know the risks in this endeavor. It is shocking how many people have died thus far. I worry that this could end up being the most deadly season on Everest. No one has even been to camp 3 yet, and camp 4 and above is traditionally where the climb is most deadly.

In short, today is Good Friday. For those of you Christians out there, please say a prayer for us and the families of the deceased. That this may be a safe season with no more tragedies.
Helicopter and Crowd at Upper Side of Base Camp
Me Using 3G to Share the Story


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're safe, Isaiah! Please continue to stay safe.

  2. Praying for safety. I'm relieved to hear you are alright. How terrifying and saddening!

  3. Isaiah, continue to be glad to hear you are safe. Thinking of you and all the others out there on that mountain!


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