Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Name on Your List

Today I skipped an optional meeting I could have gone to. Then I showed up 30 minutes late to a two hour meeting. Then I finally skipped two meetings at the end of the day. Not all meetings are equal. Not everything is actually a meeting, but if you have a set time you want me to be there, it might as well be.

I do too much, every so often it overflows. Monday and Wednesday I worked over ten hours. That's okay, that's what I signed up for, yet that doesn't make it less tiring. When I say tired in this case I mean mentally and emotionally. Like, if you said the wrong thing to me I would probably tune out and ignore you. It's better than yelling right?

My time is valuable. Yes, I want to help and contribute to your cause, but you rank pretty far down my priority list. It's not that I don't care. I am showing up more than most do most of the time, but when the cup fills up, it can't hold any more. 

You want my name on your list. You want my time in your meeting. This is a one way street. I only set meetings when I can see no other way to get out of a formal meeting. Yes! I want your help on this issue, and perhaps you want my help on that issue, but can we work this out with fewer total human hours talking about it?

I don't have the answer. 

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