Monday, February 24, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 146

What a week! Sometimes I feel like I run this joint. Well, maybe I do run this website…

Work is stressful. No denial there. I've been going in on the weekends to get stuff done. That being said, I am getting stuff done. WE are getting A LOT of stuff done. In fact, considering the deadlines, both group and for me as an individual I think we will make it. I am quite confident that in five and a half weeks when I jet off, the company will continue to exist. Some of the victories this week were significant successes. I mean, sometimes there is a lot of paperwork and drama, for what amounts to less than an hour of actual work. Feelings are not fact, that applies to work just as much as it applies to body image.

Running was a step in the right direction. I ran 63 miles, including two long runs, no workouts because I was pretty tired after work to get on the track and do intervals. Still, I'm healthy, I've been lifting weights, I'm eating great, life is good.

Coaching was great! School records were set in the men's mile, women's 800 meter, men's 4x400 and I think women's pole vault. That's the kind of way I want to end the week! Despite the fact many of our records are very weak, it's still rewarding that after a long 2.5 years we are finally starting to break them left and right. However, for context, we broke the school record in the men's mile by getting like 7th behind six men from Augustana.

Everest preparations have two hitches, one is my boots and the other is my satellite texting device. The satellite texting thing I am not worried about. The boots on the other hand, could be an issue. I ordered boots back in January and they have not shipped yet. Rumor has it that they are still on their way from Europe. I still have my old Koflach Arctic Expe boots and Outdoor Research overboots, which will probably do and are currently being stretched out in my living room. Yet I want the warmest boots on the planet.

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