Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There is No One Else

Sometimes I see a need, a void, and incompleteness, and lately I have seen two. While I would like to just support those causes, I can't because they don't exist. As I look around at the plethora of people in the world, I think, 'well, no one else is actually going to get behind these causes.' If I don't do it, no one else will.

That is not limited to me, every single person has issues that no one else will deal with. The teacher who tries to help one student who is struggling. If she doesn't help, no one else will. The police officer that pulls over the swerving teenage driver. If he doesn't intervene in that person's life, no one else will. The one person in the company that says, 'this product flaw is not okay.' If that person does not speak up, no one else will, until it is too late.If Jimmy Wales didn't start Wikipedia, maybe no one else would have.

I don't know what your "mission" or purpose is in life. I wonder what mine is sometimes too... But we all have skills and talents that make us the only person to do things. If you don't do that thing, that hard, tough, stressful thing, no one else will, and we will all suffer.

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