Friday, February 14, 2014

The Lecture in Team Sports

I never did well at pure team sports. In part because of my size. In part because the motivation was not there. I still am not sure what the point of putting a ball through a hoop 10 feet high really accomplishes. Regardless, one of the aspects of team sports I despised was the lecture. When the coach would yell at the team, or tell us to work harder and get our act together. Rarely was the coach talking about me, yet I felt every time that I was the culprit, guilty of bringing down the team.

Switching to more individual sports I no longer had anyone to let down. My performance was a result of me. The benefit is that no matter how poorly I did, I didn't let others down. I can let myself down, but letting others down is unbearable! Sure I may let the spectators down, but it's not the same as letting down other teammates out there, presumably working very hard.

I take it personally. Maybe that is not the best. Maybe that is not healthy. Yet, that is me. After talking to my parents, that has been me since second grade.

The take away, that I related from sports and activities to every other area of life, if you berate the group enough, I'm going to leave and go where I don't let the team down.

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