Monday, April 15, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 103

Work was good, really good. I went to the internal company engineering conference in Moline, IL for two days and met a number of engineers from around the world. People gave presentations on the new things they are doing and the problems they are solving. While many were not "new" technologies exactly, there were a lot of new application specific knowledge and automation scripts (computer programs). Plus, the networking for me was very fulfilling.

Coaching was limited because I was gone half of the week, but out meet on Saturday went really well. We set more than a few personal records, including one or two significant ones. It is so exciting to see things work out well after a year of hard work.

My own running, while not what I wanted, went really well. Sunday I did an 11k pace variation tempo averaging 3:12 and 3:39 per kilometer and Saturday I ran a 15:51 5k. I was disappointed in the 5k race Saturday. I thought I was surely in better shape. However a long week, plus the snow and 15 mph winds during the race slowed me down the last mile. Last year in the two weekends leading up to the Augustana 10k I ran a 16:15 5k race in great weather and 7k pace variation tempo at 3:13 and 3:45 kind of averages. So I am in unequivocally better shape this year despite missing my 5k PR by 7 seconds. I am expecting new personal records in the 10k and half marathon in the next 13 days.

That's about it. It was a busy week. It might be another busy week this week. I hope you had a good week too.

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