Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 104

Another week done, another seven days of experience in my life. Experience is an interesting thing, the only way to really get it is live through it. Of course, you can accelerate the learning curve by learning from others, but inevitably one must have some amount of experience gained from living through an experience.

Work is about to explode! I use that in the most exciting way possible! In the next few weeks I will learn a significant amount! My own specific work is going well, it's just difficult sometimes getting pulled in four or five different directions by people who all think their project is the most important. I experience this all the time, but it was especially evident this past week. While it is stressful, learning how to manage multiple projects and communicate with all the stake holders will serve me well as I continue to do future ventures.

My own running went well. I raced a 10,000 at Augustana Saturday morning. I ran a 32:27, which is not the under 32 or at least under 32:12 that I was hoping to run. However, I ran from 4000 to 9950 meters in front leading the race. That's a lot of time breaking wind in first place. I pulled away from second place, and the last mile I slowed down (ran a 5:15 last 1600) and out of nowhere the guy who had been leading the race, who's foot steps I had not heard in 18 minutes pulled even with 75 to go and pulled away with 50 to go and beat me by a half second. Had we ran a closer race, or been in the fast heat I am sure we would have gone faster. This is the most time I have spent in the front of a track race, and it is an experience I needed. Total of about 60 miles including a race and a short 8x400 workout.

Coaching went especially well! Lots of personal records, let's see, three in the 10,000, two in the 5000, one in the 1500, and maybe three or four in the 800. I could talk more, but as we go into the last three weeks of track season I will surely talk more about our taper and personal records.

I could write more, but I ran 14 miles at 6:36 average pace today, not easy the day after a 10k race. Thus, I am tired, goodnight!

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