Monday, April 8, 2013

An American Doing a Portuguese Take on an Italian Workout

Sunday I ran the best workout of my life. Eleven kilometers of 1000 meters moderate, which I averaged 3:39, followed by 1000 meters hard, which I averaged 3:12, and repeat. Apparently the Italians came up with the pace variation kilometers, in the 1980s likely, but they focused on slower above and below marathon pace. Then allegedly the Portuguese decided to do the same workout but faster. I'm getting this from a blog that no longer exists, so it's like third hand by now. You might as well not believe any of it. (Renato Canova and Gigliotti were the Italian coaches and it was Nate Jenkins old blog.)

Total time was 37:56 passing 10k around 34:20, the hard way. I am fit!

The larger idea is, we are living in a global society. The best marathon coach in the world (Renato Canova) is an Italian, who has spent time around the world learning about running, and now coaches arguably the best American (Ryan Hall) while spending most of his year in Kenya with the majority of his athletes, who are mostly Kenyan and Ethiopian. The world is more global than it ever has been, and we are moving more in that direction. How many languages do you speak? If the answer is one you might likely be an American. The chef at the Indian restaurant I go to speaks eight. The guy who sweeps the floor there speaks Spanish.

The point is, education and communication is global, not just international. Welcome to the 21st century! We are standing on the shoulders of giants!

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