Monday, April 29, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 105

This will be short, but I have a couple longer posts for later this week, don't despair.

Work was good. Learning RADIOSS was really the most exciting part. However I also spent a day in the factory watching various machines get built. I really do not have the exposure to that I would like. I endeavor to change that over the next month.

Running was mediocre. Only 40 miles, a 14 mile run at 6:36 pace and a 3k uphill tempo at 5:22 pace. Both of which I should not have done, because I did not recover from them for my half marathon Sunday. That's another story you will hear me discuss this week. In short, not a good half marathon at all.

Coaching was nice. A number of significant PRs and other good races. We have two kids, who PR'd by over 2 seconds in the 800 this weekend! And they have each run at least half a dozen 800s this year. Also, for the first time I can remember we made the suggestion for a person to step off the track and not finish the race, more about that later too.

Other than that, I was sick on Friday from the dream I had Thursday night. I am fine now. I am very blessed to have the talents and resources that I have. I always seem to be striving for more and self improvement, but  I have to remember to be thankful to God and my family and friends for giving me all that I have so that I can strive for such great heights.

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