Friday, January 25, 2013

Health Update

Wednesday at work they had complimentary health screening for most of the people here onsite. So I signed up at the last minute Tuesday. Given that fasting was required that means that I took a late slot and did not eat anything except some black coffee until 11 AM! How healthy am I by the numbers?

Total: 201 mg/dl                          (Goal: less than 200, marginal: less than 240)
HDL: 100 mg/dl                        (Goal:  greater than 60)
TC/HDL Ratio: N/A                    (Goal:  less than 3)
LDL: N/A                                    (Goal:  less than 150)
Triglycerides: 63 mg/dl                 (Goal:  less than 130)
In short, the total was a little high, but that is because my good cholesterol is so good. In fact, my good cholesterol is so high the machine could not even calculate two of my health numbers!

Blood Glucose:
Glucose: 77 mg/dl                         (Goal: 70 to 99 mg/dl)

This is good news because my family has a history of diabetes. So far, 26.75 years without diabetes!

Blood Pressure:
Blood Pressure: 126/86 mmHg     (Goal: less than 120/less than 80)
Pulse: 55 beats/minute                  (Normal is 60-100 BPM)

My blood pressure was high. Perhaps the highest it has ever been, no there was that one time at the doctor's last year. Why was it high? I have been a little stressed out with drama lately. Plus, I had not eaten anything in 14 hours. It would be good for me to find new ways to relieve stress. My record low blood pressure is 90/60 the summer after I graduated high school. It would be nice to hit that again. My pulse was pretty good considering that I had been awake for more than five hours. I am regularly below 50 when I wake up in the morning.

Body Composition:
Body Mass Index: 21                 (Goal: 18.5 to 24.9)
Body Fat: 14%                          (Goal: 8.0 to 19.9%)
Waist Circumference: 30 inches  (Goal: <40 inches="" p="">Height: 65 inches (without shoes)
Weight: 131 pounds (with clothing and wallet but without shoes)

Umm, I'm fit. The nurse said she had never seen 14% body fat. On the other hand, I'm looking at that and thinking I can lose 5 pounds. Eight to ten percent body fat sounds more like a goal to me than simply being fit in the middle of the range. Pretty excited about the height, this is only the second time to be measured at 5' 5" without shoes but I'm not surprised. Both my dad and an uncle had small growth spurts in their mid 20s and my feet have grown a bit the last two years.

Overall, I'm the guy you want to insure. My health plan is basically to live to be at least 90, go set an age group world record for the 90+ division, then die. Invest in yourself. You are a ten million dollar machine or more, don't ruin the machine through lack of maintenance. 

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