Monday, January 21, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 91

All things considered, I had a really good week. What made it so good? A number of things, starting Sunday morning.

Sunday mornings I nearly always go to church. Well, I went with a friend and it is much better to go with someone than alone.

With a start to the week like that, you know it's going to be a good week. Early sunday afternoon I went for a 20 mile run. It was something like 20 degrees Fahrenheit with a 20 mile per hour wind, and I seriously worried about getting frostbite on the way out into the country west of town. My two little fingers, nose, chin, and ears all went numb. Then I turned north, and ran 40 feet past a bald eagle that was sitting in a cut alfalfa field. I have never been that close to a bald eagle. What a great run thus far! Then I turned near Sundown and headed back to Dubuque downhill with the wind. I was flying. A good start to the week.

Monday started for me at 3:30 AM. A coworker and I flew to North Carolina via a 2.5 hour delay in Moline due to a mechanic not being on staff and a change of flight in Detroit. By the time we were in the hotel and I was ready to start my run for the day it was 8:15 PM. Long day, but that is travel. I finished two books and wrote some.

Tuesday was another 13 hour workday at the dealership where we were inspecting a machine. I learned many things. We discovered some things that were not previously known, thus the trip was totally worth it. Plus the weather was in the 50s to 60s, which was a nice little break from Wednesday was another long travel day starting at 3:15 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Thursday and Friday were spent busy working on developing the machine from the information we acquired on the trip to North Carolina. The project became sort of high pressure, time sensitive work. The kind of work that makes one sit on the edge of the chair. In short, work was good.

Overall my running went well. I have not logged my mileage yet, but it is possible I ran more than 70 miles this week including a couple workouts. Forward progress.

Coaching was good. The athletes are slowly and consistently developing into faster runners with more endurance, athletes are learning to articulate feelings, and we scored well as a team at our second meet of the year. Only four months to go until the end of the season. How much better will they develop!

What about socially? Kind of a quiet week on that front in terms of personal interaction. No lie, in my extended circle of relationships there has been some drama, but there will always be drama when you know any amount of people. It seems the more people you know the more drama you will hear about. I didn't instigate it, but you know what, I'm there. I'm committed. My friends, I am in it for the long haul. This is reconcilable. I am here to help.

Life is such a blessing for me. I am continually rewarded with more than I need in every aspect of life.

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