Monday, January 7, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 89

Honestly, not a fun weak. I had a cold, all week. It started Thursday, December 27th, and I am still sick. It puts a damper on everything. I started the week in Sheboygan Falls and progressed to Dubuque on the first.

I ran 45 miles over the last five days of the week. I took the last four days of 2012 off of running. Four consecutive days off of running! That's huge for me! If that doesn't tell you how sick I was, well, you don't know me. I did do an 8x400 workout on Friday averaging about 71.5 with 1.5-2 minutes jog rest between intervals. Through all the intervals I followed the athletes I coach around the track as they walloped on my coughing and hacking self.

I worked three days this week. Pretty standard. Actually, we were a little light on work, that is, no one was breathing down our throats this week. A good week, I enjoy the short weeks. I have a good job, I enjoy working.

The highlight of the week, besides sleeping and napping a lot, was ice climbing Saturday afternoon. In Iowa, we climb a silo. About 70 vertical feet of ice. Three routes are open so far. I will definitely go again.
Yours truly starting out!
That's me on the right. The guy in the middle was taking my picture.
Upper left red pin is silo location near UNI in Cedar Falls
Finally a video, featuring one of the same characters from Devil's Tower this summer.

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