Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank You! I'm Sorry. You're Welcome.

I think I could start every blog post with the sentence "Life is nonlinear." and it would be appropriate.

I give so much of myself in words to the often nameless and generally unresponsive public that a disconnect exists. Yesterday after work I was stressed out because work was not going as smoothly as I desired so I turned my phone off and went on a 40 mile bicycle ride. For the first time I can remember a workout over two hours did not clear my head. (Typically in longer runs and bicycle rides I have time to think about my life and come to conclusions about past events and future needed actions.) It may have taken longer than I desire to have something to say worth saying today and yesterday, but here it is.

Thank you for caring, for reading, for listening, for not interrupting me as I trail off into mumbling about something you find boring. Additionally, I'm sorry that I have failed you. I'm sorry I did not do what you expected. Unfortunately, I have failed so many times that I realize I will fail again. I have enough problems to fill a village. Also, you are welcome. I know how much I have helped you and given you a little bit of an advantage or a bit of education that you did not have before. I have communicated things that no one else did.

So where does that leave us? We laughed, we cried and now are one day closer to the grave. You know me a little more intimately and I spent another evening alone. However, since I like ending on a positive note, do you have any idea how much of a difference a 250 mm diameter torque tube versus a 200 mm diameter torque tube makes in reducing the stress on joined arms under asymmetrical loading? Probably not, but the difference is astounding!

Thank you!
I'm sorry.
You're welcome.

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  1. Just because we make mistakes (as all of us do) it does NOT mean we are FAILURES. You have to eliminate that word from your vocabulary. I am sick and tired of you discussing your failures, and that you are a failure. You make mistakes, you are human, get over it.


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