Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to School

I have not taken a formal class longer than three days since the spring of 2009. Everything since then has been a short one to three day seminar or independent learning (research). Until now.

Inspired by a MacRumors article last week I signed up for the Stanford iPhone and iPad App Development Course. Why? I have been thinking about writing an iPhone app since 2010 when I was unemployed. With the proliferation of development resources (the lecture videos on iTunes), as well as a lingering foot injury, now seemed like the perfect time to expand my third rate programming skills. Since I have not taken a formal programming class since high school, I was blown away in the first lecture how well the professor explained everything!

I have ideas for three different apps. While I originally intended them solely for the iPhone, perhaps the iPad and even the Mac as well as other platforms may be possible. I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't even done the first assignment yet. Point being: I'm excited.

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