Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nominate a Website!

I'm planning to redo the layout of my website. I want something a little less involved, that will load faster on a smartphone. I plan on removing a few of the tabs along the top, getting rid of a few along the side, making the top image a little shorter so that I don't have to scroll down to read the first article, and putting in a vector layout so that on wide screens you do not have a foot of empty real-estate on the screen. I'm thinking something a little more aesthetically pleasing and interesting than Seth's blog, but not a mess like the New York Times.

In my quest for something a little better, more smartphone friendly, I am seeking recommendations. I am contemplating something with a Twitter Blue theme. Blue is the new old green. (It was in a year or a few years ago, I am not sure what is in now, maybe red, but that's not really blog appropriate.) If you would please post a link to a website or multiple websites below that you admire for their quality I would much appreciate it in my endeavor for a better reader experience. Also comments about things that you think are good or bad for a website would be great!

Thank you for contributing!!

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