Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 45

Let me tell you there is a lot of heavy stuff in the process of dropping. More specifically, one big thing happening. If there is no resolution by Monday, and I don't expect there to be, I'll blog up my thoughts.

In the working world I had a moderately productive week. I made progress on my main project and worked on several smaller projects. It's amazing how one project can take a few hours, and another can take a few weeks, or even months even though they have many similarities.  I worked 42 hours. On the social side of work seven of us went out to Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday. I always enjoy getting people out of the office because people act differently in the office versus out of it. Seriously, once we went somewhere during the working day and five seconds after we were out the door the language changed and the topics changed. It is very interesting. I'm not entirely sure where the dichotomy of personality develops or what causes it to happen.

In the running work I ran a mediocre 64 miles. I had two less than spectacular workouts, one did have a 60.6 s 400 m in it which is actually my second fastest ever. I totally tied up the last 100 meters. I forget that the 400 meter race is hard because even though there is pain it only lasts about 20 seconds. Anyway, there is pain and it is good to experience that so that I can relate to the sprinters on the track team, which constitute the majority of our team, and certainly the most successful members of our team.

On the coaching side we had the IIAC Indoor Track and Field Championships. The results were good. Our top male sprinter was first in the 60m and 200m, 5th in the 400m, and on two point scoring relay teams. We had two male throwers go over 14m in the shot put for the first time. Our distance runners learned a lot. None of them ran particularly amazing times, but every one that raced had some sort of setback in the last three months. To go into a little bit of detail, our top female distance runner ran equal to her PR in the 800 with a huge positive split, which basically means she is in shape to run a few seconds faster if she would hold back the first 400 meters. In other words a good learning experience. On the men's side one athlete ran well, and he has only been running for about a month so I think we will see big things from him in the 800 in the weeks and years to come. Of the others, two of them have had setbacks this winter which have prevented them from having the base to race well through an entire season so I feel that both have run out of gas and need to do some longer stuff to get ready for outdoor track. We did have a few sprinters step up and run distance races and I think that at least one enjoyed it enough to go out for cross country next year.

On the investing side DHT closed Friday at $1.24. You're welcome. For me that is a 4.2% increase, in what three weeks? If you are skittish I advise putting in a limit order on Monday for $1.26 to sell everything and you can then put that in a saving account and remember that one time when you made more interest in one month from investing than you made in two years in a savings account. However, I'm not going to sell because the stock has hit $1.30 on two separate occasions in the last few weeks and I am rather confident that it will be trading much higher in the months to come. Plus, with the dividend, I'm inclined to keep it a long time, at least a year to get the 15% tax rate on long term gains.

I had a good week. I hope that you had a good week as well. Also, keep in mind that heavy things are dropping and if there is no resolution look back here monday night around 8-9PM Central Standard Time for an incredibly honest and revealing view into my life.

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