Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learning to Restart Myself

I don't have very many bad days, but sometimes I feel as though everything is a struggle.

Today was one of those days. I spent hours at work trying to solve a model more complicated than necessary. I sat through a meeting where a designer didn't know the critical testing requirements for the assembly he was designing. Finally I ran only 400 meters of a 7000 meter workout.

It's not a bad day, but it all adds up. It started so well with a 25 minute run and an omelette and a mocha...

The solution to the negativity was to take a walk listening to modern jazz and write a blog post. It is nice to have a forum for emotional expression even though it is one way and totally open. I am so fortunate and so blessed.

...I'm trying to come up with some deep conclusion or positive ending thought, but my mind is filled with rigid elements, contact interactions, anaerobic and aerobic metabolism development desires, a half broken car, no summer plans, no upcoming races, and no general change in sight. I love development and even a moment of stagnation leaves me feeling incredibly lazy and unproductive.

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