Monday, February 6, 2012

Buying and Selling a Stock: Part 4

DHT was a flop today. At least my attempts to buy it through a limit order failed. It was obvious 20 minutes after the open that it wasn't going to go back down to $1.07, but two 10% gains in a row?! How often does that happen? Had I bought it a week ago I could have sold today for a nice profit. I still want it, but the lower the price the better so I have a solution: I'm not going to tell you that I bought it until I do. But as soon as I buy it I'll put an article up. I'm not saying that people read this blog and drove the stock price up, but it could have happened. The volume on it was four times the normal daily volume. I like stocks that go up, but preferably when I own them, and slower than 20% in two trading days so that I don't go crazy.

In short I still want it, but if it keeps going up 10% before I have a chance to put in an order, this might just be a stock that I don't end up buying. Unless I buy it with a market order, but knowing myself I would buy at $1.30 and it would not see that price for another two years...

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