Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 23

The week started off with me starting up the South Face of Washington Column  in Yosemite again. I spent a night on a ledge probably 400 feet up in the air. It was long enough for three people but only a few feet wide. Falling asleep was a little more difficult than normal because there was a constant fear that I would roll off the edge. Exhaustion soon won over and I was asleep. I also decided that night that I just was not feeling like climbing a big wall solo. It's slow, lonely, hard, and I did not want it that bad. So I rappelled down in the morning and headed north for Seattle.

At Seattle I have been staying with another friend from Pakistan. All things considered it was a slow week. We went to a few local restaurants, a few different coffee shops, and the locks between the lake in the middle of town and the ocean. In the process I met several of his friends. Some of whom work for companies that interest me. Thus I applied for several jobs in the Seattle area that I had not planned on applying for.

The end of the week involved my friend and I driving to Leavenworth, WA to start a climbing trip in The Enchantments. However, we had a problem getting a permit for the right backountry zone and thus changed our plans from an alpine climb to a climb at one of the local crags. This worked out well because we ended up with a group of eight people. Car camping and cragging was a good option for all of the different skill levels and size of the group.

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