Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a Trip!

Wow. So 1,200 miles and 47 hours after I left Rollinsville I am
sitting here outside the Yosmite Valley Visitors Center. I came here
to climb the biggest steepest rock walls in this country (maybe the
world) and they sure are big. More on that later.

After my hike on Castleton Tower and short drive to Moab I headed
west. Along Interstate 70 it was pretty standard. However, once Google
Maps took me off the interstate it turned interesting.

My map took me along Nevada highway 375 which is the Extreterrestial
Highway. At the beginning they scare you with a sign that said "No
Services Next 150 miles". This is a place where there is still hardly
any barb wire and cattle freely cross the road.

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