Sunday, August 22, 2010

He Took Me Climbing

I have taken many people climbing. When I am the more experienced I
usually take care of the route finding. Usually I am returning to a
place I have been many times and I will not even bring the guidebook.
For the first time in years I went climbing Thursday with a much more
experienced rock climber. He didn't bring the guidebook but instead
listed off routes and where they were. It felt a bit like we were
winging it.

I could not help but think of all the people I have taken climbing and
not brought the guidebook. Did they feel like I was winging it?

I had total confidence that he knew what he was doing and that we were
safe. Yet part of me felt like I was getting in over my head.

This may sound strange but reading the description or looking at the
map calms me down and gives me a measure of confidence. I know that I
can get up it. Climbing behind a much better leader on a route I don't
even know on the other hand makes me doubt that I am actually good
enough to get up it. All things considered it was an awesome
experience. I do not have the ability right now to lead a 5.11b
traditional climb. However, if I keep following others at that level
and become a better climber eventually I will be at that level, if
that is what I want.

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