Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 20

It was a very good week. I had an interview in Maryland for a research and development engineering position. It went quite well. It's hard to say if it went well enough that they will want to hire me, yet it was probably my best interview ever. I was somewhat nervous that I would not be interested in the company or that Maryland would not be attractive but I was wrong on both counts. The work seems interesting, the people seem quite agreeable, and Maryland has more to offer someone like myself than I expected.

That was by far the highlight of the week because the security of a job is very important to me right now. However, I had a great week of climbing. Tuesday night before my interview I went to the local climbing gym bouldering and did three V4s. That's better than I usually do. Thursday I went trad climbing with a guy who led two 5.10 pitches and a 5.11b pitch on the Bastile in Eldorado canyon. I had never trad climbed anything that hard. Then Saturday I went climbing and led a sustained 5.9 pitch and successfully top roped another 5.12. A good week indeed.

I didn't run many miles but I had a six mile run without pain! I'm coming back!

Also my computer power cord was left in Maryland so I bought a new one but for the time being I am computerless.

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