Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Create Pomogranate Demand

Create demand for pomogranate so that the prices go up. Why? Well first of all they are good for you with antioxidants and citric acid. It is, according to webmd, the best juice you can drink.

The more important and time sensitive reason, and more important than your health, is that they grow pomogranates in Afghanistan. Why is it important to support Afghanistan pomogranate farmers? Because otherwise they would grow poppies and make heroin.

It is not simply that simple. However the effort has already been started and apparently it is backed by many of the tribal leadership. Afghanistan is still a very tribal run country. In this country we would use words like war lord or head of the family business to describe these people. The truth is they are both the captains of industry and the political leaders of that country. So if they are convinced that growing pomogranates is better than poppies then you can bet that their famlies or tribes will grow pomogranates.

This article is a synopsis of an NPR interview I heard while driving across western Nebraska. For more information visit:

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