Friday, April 16, 2010

You do not understand my running, do you?

I just went on a run that started after 9 PM. Once again a person tried to lament with me that my run would have to wait until tomorrow. No. I will not wait. I've run at every hour of the day and many hours after dark. I've ran in snowstorm state of emergencies. I've run in tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings. I've run in rain and sleet. I've run in hail. I've fallen on ice while running. I've gotten so dehydrated that I had trouble walking half a mile to my apartment. I've run above 16,000 feet. I've run wearing crampons.

You see, at some point it does not matter what the conditions are, I will run. There are no shortcuts to a 2:18 marathon. Nobody gets faster by taking more days off. Sure it's an addiction. For the sake of your relationship with me don't try to get me to skip a day of running. You don't even have to try to accomodate me, I'll figure out when I have a free hour.

Why? Because I see results quickly. Science and engineering can require much patience and frustration. Running is far more strait forward. It's healthy and with good form my knees will not need replacing despite what all sorts of nonrunners tell me. I've got heart dissease and diabetes and cancer coming at me. I can't afford to sit around.

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