Monday, May 30, 2016

Can't Stop

Just over a decade ago the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out with a song called "Can't Stop" and I just thought of that because I was laying on my hotel bed, only an hour from leaving my hotel here in Kathmandu, and I want to email the National Park Service for Mt. Rainier National park to see if I can get a solo permit later this week. Yep, I'm thinking of doing a one day speed ascent later this week, but I'm so exhausted from a two hour run this morning I didn't want to get off the bed to send an email, let alone book another plane ticket.

The video today is another one from the south col on May 20th. I've got a few of these, and again, I find them rather entertaining. I took the whole thing so casually, like no big deal, but it's the south col,  it's above where people died this year, it is a serious place. Most people didn't want to come out of their tents because they wanted to save every calorie of energy, and I was just walking around, talking to people, taking videos.
So I went out to Sam's Bar last night, a place that features in books and has many of the mountaineering regulars. It's a tradition to write on the wall if you have a good quote, Alex Gavan has a big one above the stair way, prime real estate. Mine is over by the potted plants along the top of the wall about half way from the bar to the balcony.
I wrote on the wall.
Then continuing the tradition of meeting interesting people we hung out with Amelia Hillary, Edmund Hillary's granddaughter, for an hour. She was quite interesting because she has lived in Kathmandu for several years and again like some other people I have met lately, knows a huge network of people, she even climbs too.

I leave my hotel soon and it looks like I will be in the US Tuesday morning. Until next time Asia, goodbye.

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