Thursday, March 17, 2016

Returning to Everest Conversations

I think the returning to Everest conversations are more strange than when I was going the first time. The first time it was like, "WHAT!!" This time it's like, "good to hear you're going back, four weeks long is the trip?"

I like it because the people that have known me for some time, that don't do adventures like this, have come to see it as normal, at least for me. Explaining it to people who don't know me is still a struggle, because it's so far outside the realm of normal vacations that I think people have a hard time believing that the guy sitting in front of them is actually going to do this thing they see in the movies.

Point being, I hope to help motivate people, and I can see that those that have gotten to know me have in some way changed their view of what is possible. I love that question, "what is possible?" It is so comprehensive and the answer is so limitless.

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