Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Great Sidewalks

Grand Rapids, Minnesota has great sidewalks. I'm not joking. I should take a picture. This big town of 10,000 people has a number of sidewalks, probably 20+ miles of sidewalks, and they are nearly impeccable. They are even enough you could ride a road bicycle on them, barely any potholes, just nice a smooth. Plus, with freeze thaw cycles it is typically harder to have good sidewalks in the north that's part of the reason I am so surprised. My runs up here the last couple days have just been pleasant, free of the difficultly of stumbling over uneven broken pavement that so often accompanies my travels. In fact, there is even a bicycle path through town which reminds me of the bike paths in Germany.

So thank you Grand Rapids, for your sidewalks, they are great for my running!

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