Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Fear Different Thing

Back in the 1990s "NO FEAR!" was a thing. I don't know that anyone exists that really has no fear. Dean Potter had fear, and honestly it helped keep him alive for quite a long time. He's the best example I can think of for a person that embodies no fear, yet you can watch videos where you can see him obviously afraid. As I prepare for Everest again the risk side of 8000 meter mountaineering takes up more of my thoughts. 

I have plenty of fears, they are just different than most people. I once had a roommate, and his girlfriend was visiting. A thunderstorm struck and it was a pretty intense one, but we were inside a building with no threat of flooding, just a lot of nearby lightning. Having been through similar storms on the side of a mountain above tree line, or watching the puddle under my tent grow, I was calm. They were bouncing around the apartment. It was a bizarre experience for me. I've seen fear on a rock climb or remote mountain location, but in an urban apartment because of a thunderstorm was new for me. The point is, we all fear different things.

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