Friday, January 22, 2016

The Loop is Confidence

I've run in strange places quite a bit. The key to running in a strange place, and especially when you are pressed for time, is to run out, and then back along the same route. Going on a loop can have tragic consequences, it can be very tiring.

Strava has been helpful to me as I have traveled so much in the past year so search out places to run. It has helped me find parks, estimate how far I can go. Often I end up running until the trail, or sidewalk or occasionally the road, ends, and I'm not done running. With an out and back run it is much easier to run to the end of something, but it is generally less interesting than exploring, for example running a loop for the first time.

As you can see by my first two runs below this week in Germany, I was pressed for time, I didn't know where I was going too well, so I ran out, and back. Then today, a bit more time, and a lot more exploring.
Top is Friday, Middle is Thursday, Bottom is Wednesday

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