Friday, January 8, 2016

Binge Watching Ruins the Suspense

Thanks to not having TV, when I do watch TV shows it is typically binge watching style taking a few weeks to go through a series watching one or two shoes a day. While it is a great way to do it, the drawback is that feeling of suspense, anxiety, in a humorous way, that creates tension for the next episode or season. Binge watching destroys that by allowing the next episode to start immediately. I suppose the concept isn't really new, but with DVDs and streaming it's far more common these days. 

While I am on the topic, binge, really?! How many negative connotations does that word have for us. Does anything positive happen when binging?

That being said, we've come this far, I don't think we are going back anytime soon. After the idea of a screen in the home started, I don't really know that not having screens in the home will ever be common again. In other words, we want to be passively entertained, it's easy. 

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