Monday, January 11, 2016

I Live in Iowa: Week 237

A bit of traveling last week, a bit of running, and way more time than I care to admit binge watching Breaking Bad. I spent three days driving down and back to Kansas to talk about work. Pretty interesting though, we can have virtual meetings for weeks, but we solve more in 80 minutes of face to face than three previous weeks. 

Not sure on my running mileage for the week, but it was probably north of 30 miles. I'm coming back! A couple days off, and some self massage and I think my hamstring injury is on the decline.  

The temperature has turned cold for the season. However it was warm enough to rain, which means it's really slick now. Not good for cross country skiing or running, but good for indoor cycling. Also, good for indoor rock climbing at my friend's house!

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