Monday, November 30, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 231

This was a nice week, oh boy was I looking forward to four consecutive days off for Thanksgiving. It seems like I just want to go go go go, even my vacation this past year has involved running 24 hours in Italy or climbing Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood on back to back days. Sometimes it is nice to lay around and decompress. Well I did that this past week.

Three short days of work were productive. I finished a couple things and got ready for next week in Germany. I have a variety of skills, motivating people, and enhancing communication are two of them. Both are skills I have used significantly this past year and two skills I certainly have room to improve. In short, while it is nice to look at work as put in X and get Y results, there is an attitude factor, and communication barrier between the inputs and the outcomes. People sometimes need a little encouragement, and a little extra explanation, I know that I do.

I ran a nice 62 miles including some moderate hill repeats and moderately long half marathon/marathon pace intervals. I've had some right ankle pain along the tendons just above the ankle on the outside, and back by the achilles tendon, but some heel drop exercises and massage seemed to work them out. Building mileage is the hardest. It's not hard to do hard workouts or high volume, it's hard getting to that point.

Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon I spent with my immediate family. A fair amount of sleeping, some watching tv, talking, watching a couple movies. In short it was relaxing. I look forward to doing it again for Christmas!

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